The Boho Hooligan



If it were up to me, I’d be knee deep in the fashion industry slinging the hottest new looks.


I’ve always worked within the Project Management realm… Construction, Software & now Insurance Education.

I’m going to bypass work history because, Zzzzzz… I don’t even care about the specifics.

I will however use this space to discuss how much I ❤ LOVE ❤ helping my network.

Every day, I get an opportunity to chit-chat with my clients… We have a connection & I look forward to catching up with you guys!

My Team is based out of Downtown Orlando but we’re The Florida Locals.


I sincerely appreciate the support I get from my local tribe… You guys ROCK!

If you don’t feel the same about your network, maybe they suck so, SHAKE IT UP‼

Make some new friends.
My team loves to collaborate.

With us @ The Insurance School on your side,

Central Florida Insurance School
DFS Authorized Insurance Edu. Provider
#NeverHuntAlone (.com)

– Kelli
(IG): @Applejuicekiss

#Florida #TheOrlandoLocals

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